On the day of the Orlando shooting 3,000 babies were killed. Where is their vigil?


A vigil held for the Orlando night club shooting victims at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts. Orlando, Florida. Photo Credit: Charles King / Orlando Sentinel

This article is not about the Second Amendment. It’s not about the sale of automatic rifles in the United States. It’s not about the people whose precious lives were cut short in an instant and have left family and friends behind. All lives have value. It’s not even about Islamic Radicals or terrorism. Everyone else is already talking about that. This article is about how society reacts to mass murder in our country.

There was an unsettling irony to the 70th Annual Tony Awards on Sunday evening, June 12. The speeches and performances were largely dedicated and called attention to the mass shooting that killed forty-nine people at a nightclub earlier that day in Orlando, Florida.

Did the audience also know that by the time they took their seats in New York City’s Beacon Theatre at 8PM, 3,000 children had been murdered in the last twenty-four hours across the United States of America? Did they know that since the U.S. started collecting abortion data in 1973 that 53 million babies have been ‘legally’ killed in the U.S.? That is equal to the current populations of California and Texas combined. Where is their vigil? What televised awards show dedicated their program to the 1.06 million baby deaths that occurred in 2011, or in U.S. history? (Note: the national abortion rate has slowly declined since 2008. 2011 currently provides the most comprehensive research on abortion statistics. In 2011, 21% of all pregnancies in the U.S. ended in abortion [excluding miscarriages]).

Today the McDonalds along my commute to work lowered their flags (the American flag, State Flag, and McDonalds flag are all there) to half mass in honor of the Orlando victims. But why don’t they do the same in honor of all the babies who were methodically murdered across the nation that day as well? A systematic slaughter where the most common in-clinic method is suction aspiration (Or an ‘aspiration abortion’, a procedure that crushes the head and tears apart the baby so all the limbs can be singly sucked out of the uterus through a tube).

What differentiates shooting to kill as opposed to suction aspiration? Is it because abortion is legal? You can’t shoot someone. That is illegal. Is that what makes it wrong? When did society decide that death by a bullet wound was more important than death by suction?

One of the arguments for abortion is that if all these ‘unwanted’ children were allowed to live, the obligation would be put on society to care for these kids: foster homes, public education–and then what if they become criminals? (side note: so the answer to extra babies and ‘overpopulation’ is murder?) With that same argument you could say that now society also doesn’t have to worry about the forty-nine people that were just murdered in Orlando. They won’t need social security and they will never have the potential to be a burden on society because they are GONE. Wiped from this world by a murderer. The many of the victims were in their early twenties and who knows if they would’ve turned out to be criminals later in life. Even more, the world is overpopulated, which has caused a strain on resources so the less people the better (I don’t agree with this overpopulation theory but that is for another time). That sounds TERRIBLE, right? That mindset is disgraceful and loathsome. It makes me sick to write it! Who in their right mind would ever support such a despicable idea?


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